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Environmental Services

For over twenty in the field of environmental hygiene services, but always looking towards innovations, setting the goal of providing those services that improve the cleanliness and livability of our territories and the sustainability of the activities that weigh on them , obtaining great benefits in terms of quality of life.

Special waste collection and transport: we follow the cycle of waste from small local businesses to large companies on a national scale, providing advice and solutions. Urban solid waste collection and transport and integrated services we operate at various Sicilian public administrations, in which we boast the achievement of differentiated thresholds that go beyond the 65%.


Green Areas Maintenance

Manual sweeping

Mechanized sweeping

Waste collection and transport

Collection and transport Separate waste

  • Public bodies waste collection
  • Waste Collection from Private Bodies
  • Urban solid waste collection and transport
  • Collection and transport of separate waste
  • Special waste collection and transport
  • Manual sweeping
  • Mechanized sweeping
  • derattizzazioni
  • Disinfection
  • Disinfestations
  • Street washing
  • Dumpster washing
  • Green Areas Maintenance
  • Hot rental of compactors
  • Equipment rental
  • Rental of skip bodies
  • Street sweepers rental

Large Distribution Sector / Shopping centers

Civil and Condominium

Industrial sector

Healthcare sector

Offices, Banks and Public Administrations


Earth Movement

I earthmoving work are all those jobs that involve modeling the land to allow the construction of buildings or infrastructures, land management or excavation and excavation.
Machines are used to carry out this work, called precisely earth moving machines, eg: the bulldozer, excavator, the scarper, the loader, and the triad.
World Service srl offers this service to private individuals or to public and private entities, by making its machinery available and offering top quality professional services.
Contact us for more information and details.

Earth Movement

  • Public entities
  • Private entities
  • Civil sector